Traditional Winter Carnival is a unique event that is held in Kotor every year in February. The tradition of carnival fiestas was interrupted in the period of World War II. Organizing carnivals again began in the 60s of the twentieth century, and continues to this day. Carnival fiesta and entertainment in Kotor are originally called FESTANJE. Months before the carnival, participants and organizers  sewing the original mask. As the mask is a parody of reality, masks are from year to year more and more interesting. Besides the carnival are events in Kotor’s Riva, streets, squares, hotels, and include mask balls for children and adults, with a tasting of specialties of Kotor’s couisine, music concerts and theater plays. Kotor’s carnival fiestas are the biggest entertaining manifestations in Montenegro. Kotor’s carnival is visited by several thousand people.

Except the carnival troupes from Kotor and other coastal towns of Montenegro, Kotor’s carnival receives many carnival groups from Europe and the world. It represents the richness of spirits and skills of carnivalists in this area domestic guests and abroad. In a variety of carnival groups and masks from Kotor, Montenegro, many visitors can enjoy the colors of the original costumes, rhythm and Mediterranean spirit of the local population.

The carnival is open to all and everyone may participate. Participants are all age groups, individuals and groups according to their interests, cultural and creative needs and possibilities. In this section, we should mention the traditional winter carnival which is organized in Prcanj, a small coastal town near Kotor, with many carnival groups and a rich cultural and entertainment program.