Festa Kamelija Kotor 2019Days of the flower  Camellia is a local traditional event which includes exhibition of the camellia flower arrangements, art exhibitions and workshops in the nature, cultural programs and traditional Bal with nomination of Lady of camellia. This year, dates of the events are from 21 March to 27 April, in Stoliv.

Camellia is a beautiful and delicate flower, a symbol of love and happiness. According to legend, long ago, in 1870. this flower was brought  in Stoliv by old Captain, after long expedition, from the Far East (Japan),  as a gift to his wife, showing that the time and distance did not affect his love and affinity to her, that they were not moved away from each other, but that he still loved her, with the same passion as when they met. That’s the eternal love they wrote… This camellia had found  the home in this region, and cherished by those who have a big heart and good soul, who appreciate the price of love, where the love is always on the first place, where the love is always in front of everything. .. .